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Why is JJSploit a Good Exploit?

JJSploit is one of the original Free Roblox Exploits by WeAreDevs that offers near full Lua execution and hundreds of commands all built-in. The exploit is trusted and uses one of the best API’s ever made, making it a leading choice for many users who want a great experience.

This exploit can also nearly execute all Lua scripts meaning it is a Level 6/7 executor and is perfect for just about anybody as any script you try will execute with fast speeds and limited crashes.

Who is JJSploit for?

JJSploit is for everyone. That’s why it’s great. For advanced users, the clean near full Lua execution offers support for many scripts, tools, and more. For beginners, the hundreds of built-in commands will keep you occupied including: click teleport, ESP, speed, fly, infinite jump, and much more.

My Opinion

Overall, JJSploit has been around for a long time which gives it an advantage over other similar exploits. This exploit knows its place, it aims for the best commands, the best execution, and much more which simply makes it the greatest free exploit in 2021 that you should definitely download.

Jjsploit is one of the few free export forget. Limited functionality, but constant updates and software support please. We do not recommend playing on the main account with him, the software burns a lot and the account can be blocked.

What is JJsploit for?

Like any other script executors, Jjsploit runs scripts by starting a process in the game itself. When you start an impromptu, you are injected into the game process.


Do other players see scripts?

No, scripts are a visual component, you replace it only at the client level, therefore other players cannot see the result of the script.

However, there is script executors with support for special implementations, which allows scripts to be used at the server level.

It turns out that scripts are just a decorative gimmick?

Not really, there are scripts that can help you automate the process of farming, shooting, or just going through certain actions.
Such scripts have weight.

Where to Download JjSploit?

You can download it either from our site or from the developer’s site.

Is it dangerous?

Any programs that interfere with the processes of other programs are marked as dangerous by antivirus software.
Try to test the program through the sandbox before running it on your computer and download it from reliable sources.

How do I install and configure Jjsploit?

The setup is pretty simple and intuitive.
Download the current client, launch it, specify all the necessary paths.
Launch the game and exploit
No special skills or manipulation required.

I can’t start, what should I do?

  • Update .Net Framework
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall
  • Close unnecessary programs
  • Download the exploit back
  • Run as administrator
  • Try to remove it from the desktop if the program is located there.

If you have any problems launching JJsploit, you can refer to the wearedevs forum.