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Mad City Scripts 2020

How to farm fast in Mad City

In order to improve the emotions received from the battle in this mode, you can use the cheat on ro ghoul. It was created to facilitate the entire gameplay. The player will only have to run it and wait for the highest results. Cheat on Mad City Roblox has the following features:


I suggest Temko, in which use scripts will be laid out (made by you, seen by you - it does not matter), which simplifies the work, create useful properties, effects. No discussion - the script and its description. Here is an example (the script is not mine, I saw it in some kind of RPG engine, a good thing) - draws a circled text.

Script Functions

  • The script on Mad City helps to develop without any restrictions and without compromising the entire gameplay.
  • HIDE PLAYERS - removes all characters from the playing field so that they once again do not interfere with concentrating on the goal.
  • SUPER SPEED - increases the speed of the hero at times for faster movement around the field.
  • Teleports - allows you to quickly sell or purchase any necessary items.
    INCOGNITO - hides all the personal data of a user who is in the game process.
  • AutoFarm - automatically receive resources scattered across the map. Another character will independently increase his level
  • AutoMask - the character will put on a mask on his own, hiding his identity on the server.
  • Reputation Farm - slower killing your enemies in order not to get blocking for using third-party software.

What roles are: - in the game, there are 4

  • 1st thug
  • 2nd policeman
  • 3rd superhero
  • 4th supervillain



Mad City- Info


the policeman must catch the bandits, and they give money for the murder so that they do not escape from prison. The gangster must escape from prison and rob banks to receive money. The superhero must help the policeman, kill the bandits and the superhero will receive money. Supervillains must fight with a superhero. What are apartments - apartments are given for money? There are 3 of them:

  • 1st apartment costs 750 thousand
  • 2nd apartment costs 2 million
  • 3 apartment costs 6 million