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RedBoy - script executors distributed through the registration system through keys. Quite convenient, but poor in management and superstructures. I can't say the actual price, because I simply don't know it. When using the RedBoy exploit, I could not run scripts that are tied to the mouse.

Where to Download and How to Install RedBoy

You can Download RedBoy from the official site, after which you will need to get a key for registration.
Further, the Settings will be described when turned on, nothing complicated, specify the path e, start the game, select the process

RedBoy - YouTuber

This guy is the host of the Avoy YouTube channel, with the theme of scripts and impromptu in Roblox

What is the difference between other exploits?

In fact, you get an executor script that will fire minimally before the Roblox anti-cheat.
Unlike public versions. The functionality is clear, there are sets of scripts, auto-update, setting presets. There are no particular differences.